Ross, CA


Formerly named Sunnyside, Ross is a small incorporated town in Marin County, located approximately 15 miles north of San Francisco. The town is bordered by Kentfield and Greenbrae to the east, Larkspur to the south and San Anselmo to the north.

In 1848, Scotsman James Ross arrived in San Francisco from Australia and made his fortune in the wholesale liquor business, setting up a trading post called "Ross Landing" where steamers would come up through Corte Madera Creek. While the railroad and horses of that era are long gone, the residential neighborhoods still suggest a changeless quality. Ross' small-town feel and its open and tree-covered hills, winding creeks, graciously landscaped streets and gardens, and low density development all contribute to its special charm.

On the west side of Sir Frances Drake Blvd. is the Ross Commons Park with a quaint collection of shops, including a corner market and some nice restaurants. Residents pick up their mail at the post office that faces the Commons. About a mile from the Commons is a park that leads to Phoenix Lake, the smallest of the five Alpine Lakes that are part of the Marin Municipal Water District.


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