Fairfax, CA


The Town of Fairfax is an environmentally-conscious community situated in the heart of central Marin County, and considered the most progressive of Marin's 11 incorporated cities. The town has ordinances deterring chain stores, take-out Styrofoam food packaging and plastic bags, and is committed to retaining its small town character.

Situated in forested hills, and surrounded by open space, the climate of Fairfax encourages year-round outdoor activities including biking, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, tennis, and more. The downtown area, close to Sir Frances Drake Blvd., features informal restaurants, bars, and organic food markets. The Art Deco era movie theater is the centerpiece of a vibrant nightlife with top-notch restaurants and well-known clubs with venues for jazz and other popular music.

With an interesting mix of counter-culture and prosperity, Fairfax is home to many local artists and musicians. Many homeowners move to Fairfax to enjoy the peaceful feeling of space and sun. The hills and canyons of Fairfax are reminiscent of Mill Valley, but without the foggy summer days. Houses are diverse, from 100 year-old cottages to beautiful contemporary homes.



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